Baby High Chair Buying Guide for Your Kid

Baby High Chair Safety and Security

The most typical type of injury involving baby high chairs is when the child drops after attempting to stand in, climb into or get out of the chair. Various other significant injuries can result from having their fingers, toes or limbs pinched or squashed by moving parts or gaps, or choking on conveniently detachable tiny components. Ensure you have a look at the chair when it’s established in the store, as well as actually get in there rock it to check stability, get your fingers into cracks and crannies, and also have fun with relocating parts to check for finger or arm or leg traps.

When buying, seek chairs which abide by the Australian Requirement for high chairs, AS 4684:2009 or the European Standard EN 14988 there’s a selection of various styles, so you shouldn’t have to give up security to get one that looks excellent in your kitchen area or dining room, if that is very important to you. When you get home, make certain you set up the chair a minimum of half a meter from anything your youngster might use to push off from as well as topple over windows, big furnishings, blind or light pull cords and so on.

Just What to Search

Five-point harness

This means a harness with shoulders, midsection and also crotch straps so kids cannot drop or climb out.

  • Shoulder bands that connect to the seat at shoulder elevation offer more efficient restriction compared to ones that attach to the rear of the waistband.
  • The crotch strap should be anchored close sufficient to the back that the kid cannot slip with one side.
  • The clasps should be very easy for you, but not your youngster, to launch.
  • Ideally, the harness should be non-removable, or at least require a tool to remove it; this is to ensure that you or your child are unlikely to take it off as well as lose it or fail to remember to reattach it.

Building and construction

This should be tough and also robust sufficient to carry the weight of a kid. Push on the seat as well as, the backrest to see if this squeak, sag, deform, move out of placement, or collapse.


Search for legs that spread out outwards further than all various other parts of the chair the area of the floor area in between the four legs need to be above the location of the seat. Completely vertical legs aren’t as steady.

Relocating parts

These shouldn’t be able to pinch, crush or catch a child’s finger, toe, limb or head. Likewise look for sharp edges and also points along the edges of the chair and also the tray, as well as conveniently detachable components that could position a choking risk.

Castor wheels

Beneficial for relocating the chair around. These must have brakes that lock in setting on a minimum of two. If the chair doesn’t have castors, see to it it’s light enough to move easily without them.

Large or adjustable seat

Beneficial if you intend to utilize the chair for some years, as it will accommodate a kid.

Reclining back or seat

Good for more youthful children who can not sit upright for long.


This need to be safe and secure when fitted, however, easy to eliminate, connect and also change.
Elevation modification and also back-reclining
These ought to be simple for you, however not your youngster, to operate. The device needs to run out the kid’s reach and also need some toughness or dexterity to use.


Convenient for storage space. The chair ought to be simple to fold and unfold, and also ideally secure its folded setting.


If you’re going to be on a regular basis obtaining the chair out as well as storing it away once again, make sure it’s not as well heavy.

Footrest or leg support

This is necessary to support the youngster’s feet or calf bones. Adjustable footrests work as the child expands.
Straightforward to tidy
Watch out for books and also crannies in the chair structure, padding or bands where food can be tough to clean out.

Mobile high chairs

Harnesses, boosters and also clip-on toddler and also infant seats are small alternatives to a basic high chair right here are added points to think about if you like this choice.


The seat should fit securely and also easily. The majority of shops have them set up so you could see exactly how they function.


Make sure the seat will not relocate, or tip over the table or baby high chair once it is affixed and also your youngster is in place. Give it a company tug up, down, sideways, to and fro to make certain it’s anchored securely.


The seat needs to have back and side support, as well as prevent the child leaning too much as well as unbalancing or falling. A seat that reclines is useful for sitting a baby.


If offered, the tray ought to be safe and secure when fitted however easy to get rid of, attach and also adjust.


The chair must be easy to tidy.


Some booster seats can be height adjusted for smaller sized or bigger youngsters.


Examine that the suggested age and weight for the seat suits your youngster.

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